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Tips for an Easy Transition to Assisted Living

Why consider a transition to an assisted living facility?

If lately you’ve been noticing that your aging loved one is having difficulties around the home, seems socially isolated or is having memory issues, it might be time to consider looking into a transition to an assisted living facility. Your loved one’s safety and quality of life should not be at risk if they want to continue to age independently in their home.

Making the move into assisted living

Change is not eas...Read More

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The Importance of Occupational Therapy for Seniors

Why take part in occupational therapy treatment?

Occupational therapy is a treatment that focuses on improving life skills, often by utilizing adaptive tools. Participating in an occupational therapy program for seniors usually takes place after an injury, illness, or a mental health condition. The treatment is designed to help people live more independent and productive lives by incorporating meaningful activities to promote participation in everyday life.

The role of the occ...Read More

Smart Moves Event

We are excited to announce a new senior wellness program, Smart Moves, which promotes health and fitness in our community. RehabCare, our therapy partner, will be providing a senior wellness program including a variety of fitness and educational activities to appeal to the different interests and abilities of our residents. The well program for seniors will include standardized fitness testing and educational classes. The e...Read More

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