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seniors and pets

The Benefits of Pet Therapy for Seniors

Seniors and Pets

Did you know it’s been proven that animals can help lower our stress and blood pressure and fight off depression? Anyone who has ever felt the quiet rumble of a cat’s purr sitting next to them on the sofa, or been greeted at the door by a very happy dog after a long day know that pets offer a calming effect and make them feel needed. Recent studies have shown that just fifteen minutes of bonding time with an animal promotes hormonal changes withi...Read More

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The Best Exercises for Arthritis Pain Relief

Is Exercising with Arthritis Safe?

It’s common for seniors to use their arthritis pain as an excuse to keep from exercising. Those suffering from arthritis may fear that exercise will actually escalate their symptoms and pain, but there are plenty of exercises that are safe for arthritis pain relief! Exercising with arthritis actually provides a way to alleviate symptoms and improve your overall quality of life. In fact, regular exercise may be one of ...Read More

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