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Weight Management Tips for Seniors

The Importance of Healthy Aging

As we grow older, it’s natural for our metabolisms to begin to slow down. This is because while our body fat increases, our muscle mass decreases- and this can start as early as your 20s! Add that to the fact that it gets harder to burn calories the older we get, and it’s no wonder over 35% of adults age 60 or older are obese. Sadly, that number is expected only to rise as more of the Baby Boomer generation enters their senior years. ...Read More

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Become a Senior Volunteer

Senior Volunteers and the Community

Newly retired seniors may be concerned about how exactly they’re going to fill their days now that they no longer have a job to head to on a daily basis. One rewarding way you can spend your time is by becoming a senior volunteer, where you can use the skills you’ve acquired over the span of your career, plus make a difference in your community and other’s lives. Volunteering also provides the opportunity to Read More

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