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senior identity theft

How Seniors can be proactive about Identity Theft

Identity theft is a great concern in today’s world and, sadly, senior citizens are often the targets. Seniors are perceived to be vulnerable by scam artists and identity thieves and, therefore, ideal victims. There are several reasons for this. First, identity thieves believe that seniors tend to be more trusting than younger potential victims and would be more likely to share personal information. They also, oftentimes, assume that seniors are less aware of the identity-theft threat than ...Read More

aging parents

Caregiving for Aging Parents: Crisis Management

Too many families wait until a crisis arises to think about care for aging parents. Many adult children are busy caring for families of their own, as well as balancing their responsibilities at work. They aren’t thinking about aging care until an unfortunate incident such as a fall or medical emergency leaves their parents needing constant care. This can be an extremely difficult time for primary caregivers without a back...Read More

Seniors with Mesothelioma

How Exercise Can Help Seniors Cope with Mesothelioma

The typical image of a cancer patient is one that can’t handle an exercise routine. When we think of cancer, we associate it with total weakness. However, strict bedrest for people with cancer is outdated advice that oncologists no longer recommend. Research has proven that inactivity doesn’t help cancer patients and may contribute to fatigue and decreased quality of life. Read More

water exercises for seniors

Water exercises for seniors: Why aquacise is one of your best fitness bets

It’s been said that growing old isn’t for sissies. Neither is running, high-impact aerobics, or a host of other beneficial but bone-jarring forms of exercise. Aquatic exercises, including swimming, water walking and water aerobics, are a smart, no-sweat alternative for seniors who want to stay in shape without risking injury. An increasing number of public swimming pools, community centers and active retirement communities, including Lourdes Noreen Mc...Read More

senior strength training

Senior living enhanced by strength training

For a senior, there’s no limit to the number of activities you can enjoy – provided you maintain the strength and mobility to do so! As we get older, maintaining our strength and muscle mass becomes increasingly critical. Generally speaking, for people who don’t partake in strength-training exercises, muscle mass (and corresponding strength) begins to decline after age 40 and that rate of decline accelerates after age 50. The condition – known as Read More

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