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TOP 10 LIST: How Hollywood depicts the autumn of our lives

If you’re lucky, or have really nice friends, you may have heard, “You look GREAT! Are you reverse aging?” While we know that can’t really happen, the movie Benjamin Button had everyone scratching their heads about the possibility. What is true, however, is that now - more than ever - getting older doesn’t mean the end of doing activities that you love. For those currently going through this stage of life, or those who plan to someday – which, God willi...Read More

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Best Senior Pets for When You Can’t have a Cat or Dog

Animal-loving residents of Lourdes Noreen McKeen are lucky. The West Palm Beach facility gladly welcomes folks who live with furry, four-legged friends. But not every senior living facility allows residents to keep dogs and cats, and not every senior is up to the walking demands of a dog or litterbox cleanup of a cat. That doesn’t mean they have to forego the many ben...Read More

golden years

Why the Golden Years are the Best Time of Your Life!

You’ve worked hard to reach the "Golden Years" stage of your life – and now is the time to enjoy it! After spending a lifetime building up your nest egg and raising a loving yet independent family, this is the time in which you get to reap the rewards. As you evolve into your second act, you have the opportunity to experience the best of what life has to offer. Assuming you’re physically able to cope with the challenges th...Read More

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