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senior falls

Preventing Falls in the Elderly

Fall Prevention Education

Regardless of age, we should all be striving to find balance in our lives. Between work and play, socializing and solitude, and spending and saving. However, as we age, “balance” tends to have a different meaning. At some point, we must focus more on the literal definition of balance, which is the ability to remain upright and steady on your feet, and preventing falls in the elderly is something that is a top concern at Read More

transition to Assisted Living

Transition to Assisted Living from Independent Living: When to tell its time

There’s a time and a season for the various stair steps of senior care, which range from private residences to independent living communities to assisted living facilities to nursing homes to Alzheimer’s care units. How do you know when a parent needs to transition from independent to assisted living? The decision is highly personal, of course, but here are a few guide...Read More

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