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Stand Tall

Balancing act: The tips will help you stand tall – and steady!

Though you may not realize it, one of the biggest threats to your health and well-being as you age is simply falling down. Of course, slip-and-fall accidents at any age can have serious consequences. But for seniors and the elderly, they can literally be matters of life and death. In fact, more than half of all fatal falls involve folks aged 75 or older. And let’s not even get into how many folks in their 70s, 80s, 90s...Read More


Put your best foot forward – by keeping them healthy!

Oh, the stress we put daily on our feet! Every step we take creates several hundred pounds of force on the tiniest bones in our body. In a typical day, the average, active 130-pound person absorbs up to 1.5 million pounds of “step-force” in a day. Multiply that over a year … and then over a lifetime … and, well, it’s easy to see understand why folks so often complain about their aching feet. But we’re not here to complain. No, we’re here to help – as in, help you maintain the health of ...Read More

So, you’re aging! Don’t let your hair give you away.

So, you’re aging! Don’t let your hair give you away.

We all love our hair, especially when it’s full and shiny and rich with color. Unfortunately, as we age, turning gray is just one of the many changes our hair will go through. You can also expect changes in thickness, texture and growth - or lack of. There are many products that make claims to counteract the effects of age on your hair. Haircare products can be expensive, so do your research before your bathroo...Read More

Lourdes McKeen

Take these steps to ensure the health of your feet

Take these steps to ensure the health of your feet

As we age, we don’t need to be reminded to take care of such important aspects of our health as, say, eye care, heart care, hearing tests and cancer screenings, to name just a few. But all too often, routine foot care can be overlooked – unless, and until, that is, they start giving us problems. Maintaining healthy feet is incredibly important – especially as we age. After all, they are LITERALLY the foundations for everything...Read More

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