EATING HEALTHY: 5 Snack options for seniors

Healthy Snacks

Eating healthy  is always a good idea, regardless of age. However, it becomes increasingly important for seniors who, most likely, have limited mobility and slower metabolisms. Another factor to consider is that seniors tend to have lesser appetites.

On the surface, this may sound like a good problem to have. While it’s true that we should eat in moderation and monitor our caloric intakes, it’s also important to be sure we’re getting the necessary amount of proper nutrients, vitamins, etc.

While eating good square meals is key, so, too, is eating healthy snacks. This is especially important for seniors because many don’t eat adequate breakfast, lunch and dinner portions.

Many seniors claim they do not get hungry throughout the day, while others satisfy their hunger with “junk” foods. To be fair, this is not a problem encountered solely by seniors – it’s common among all age groups. However, for the purpose of this blog, the focus will be on those over age 65.

How do you know what makes for a healthy snack? Here are five suggestions:

1. Hard-boiled eggs

These classic favorites are an excellent source of protein. If your mindful of fat and cholesterol, feel free to discard the yolk. The egg whites still provide a protein-rich treat.

2. Vegetables

High in fiber and loaded with vitamins. Fiber is especially important for seniors, as they tend to suffer from bouts of constipation. Leafy greens are the best, but carrots and cauliflower are great options as well.

3. Nuts

Productive calories, good fats and a good source of antioxidants make these a great go-to for senior snackers.

4. Fruits

Fruits are a wonderful snack option. Two of the best for seniors are blueberries and cherries. Blueberries are not only rich in antioxidants, but also high in fiber and vitamins C and K. Cherries are also high in fiber, along with potassium and vitamin C. Just remember that cherries have pits, so be careful. Blueberries and cherries are also easy to eat anywhere, including on the go – perfect for snacking.

5. Granola bars

These tend to be high in fiber and other valuable nutrients. Try to find bars that are high in protein. Granola bars are available in dozens of flavors, so there’s sure to be an option for every palette.



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