How to Stay Together as You Age

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Senior Living Options for Couples

Today, seniors are living longer and more actively as they age. According to the CDC, over 67% of adults are 65 or older are married and aging together. More and more of these couples are starting to plan ahead for their future healthcare needs by choosing to live in a senior living community. These communities often help couples stay together as they age, because as healthcare needs begin to change and/or decline, instead of the healthier spouse becoming the primary caregiver, the caregiving duties are assumed by professionals within the senior community.

Advantages of Senior Community Living

Most couples looking for a retirement community will start off in a senior independent living community. These communities can be comprised of cottages or single-family homes, townhouses or luxury apartments. They’ve raised children together, supported each other throughout their careers, and are ready to enjoy relaxing, maintenance-free living.

Senior living communities often offer a variety of levels of senior care. Couples can move into an independent living apartment and be free from the hassles of home ownership, like mowing the lawn and some general housekeeping tasks, while being able to come and go as they please. They can enjoy planned social activities and daily meals, plus scheduled transportation to local events.

However, as one spouse’s healthcare needs begin to change, that person can move into a different level of care, like assisted living. The CDC also reports that 80% of home care is provided by unpaid family caregivers, so senior community living takes this burden off the healthier spouse. Couples can reside on the same campus, yet receive the right amount of care for their individual needs. The healthy spouse can maintain living in the independent living apartment and receive only a minimal amount of assistance, while still being able to visit the other daily.

Age Together in an Active Retirement Community

It’s important to begin making the plans for your future together as soon as possible. Have a discussion with your spouse about what you think the best senior living options might be. Do your research before it becomes necessary so your needs will be met not only now, but also in the days ahead.

Moving into an active retirement community while you’re both still healthy and able-bodied can actually help you stay that way! These communities offer a variety of wellness programs to keep you active not only physically, but mentally, socially and spiritually as well.

At Lourdes-Noreen McKeen in beautiful West Palm Beach, Florida, we are a vibrant, active retirement community welcoming all senior couples. You’ll find luxurious senior living options designed to make life easy, from concierge services and chef prepared meals to around the clock care and medication management. Contact us today for more information about staying together as you age.


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