WOO-SAH! Fountain of Youth discovered?


As we age, the mind-body connection becomes even more important. Research has proven that a senior’s state of mind can be vital to enjoying and healthier physical, emotional and mental lifestyle during the aging years. Meditation could be the fountain of youth we’ve been searching for.

Maybe you’ve heard the expression “woo-sah,” which is a word crafted to encourage others to calm down and relax. Some who practice this exercise say to breathe out on the “woo” and in on the “sah” – and, after a while, you should have calmed yourself down. Enough so that you can at least give yourself time to think before reacting to a stressful situation.

Meditation is a practice also meant to promote relaxation, build internal energy, and develop compassion and patience. And, in recent years, its benefit to seniors has been a hot topic.

Here are five reasons some doctors think meditation could be the fountain of youth for the elderly.

1. Improved memory.

During meditation, it has been found that both long- and short-term memory improves. It is even thought, through meditation, that the aging person’s brain will also store new memories now and into their advancing years.

2. Better digestion.

Deep-breathing exercises can improve circulation and blood oxygen enrichment, which benefits all of our organs, including the stomach and intestines. The extra oxygen boost also can help the immune system and circulation.

3. Improves mood.

Meditation stimulates the prefrontal cortex brain region. Seniors who suffer from depression can expect an increased boost in their mood.

4. Sharper focus.

Meditation can make a senior’s life more rewarding because it increases mental alertness and heightens the ability to function. Better focus and quick wit are just a couple of the perks.

5. Stress reliever.

Seniors can be plagued by many stressors, including chronic pain, the loss of a spouse or a disability. Meditation can help to counter symptoms of stress by restoring inner balance and harmony and giving the mind – and body – perspective and the chance to regenerate.

Bottom line, meditating causes your brain to release endorphins  that stay in your system for quite some time, and that make you feel happier and physically better.

So, all together now, WOO-SAHHHHHHHHH!


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