Smart Moves Event

We are excited to announce a new senior wellness program, Smart Moves, which promotes health and fitness in our community.

RehabCare, our therapy partner, will be providing a senior wellness program including a variety of fitness and educational activities to appeal to the different interests and abilities of our residents. The well program for seniors will include standardized fitness testing and educational classes. The educational classes will focus on prevention with the intent of teaching behaviors and techniques to help you stay healthy. The classes will also focus on how to exercise safely and exercising with any limitations that one might have. We believe that this program will provide our residents with the opportunity to participate in activities designed to help maintain present function and prevent them from requiring more physical assistance in their daily activities.

This senior wellness program starts with the administration of a standardized fitness test which was developed specifically for older adults. The test is very simple and does not require any exertion from you. Test results will be discussed with you individually and an activity plan will be developed. This activity plan may include various exercise programs to work on your balance, strength, endurance or flexibility. All testing and educational classes are provided to you free of charge. Additionally, the programs are fun and easy for all to follow!

If you wish to set up an appointment for the fitness test, please call Carey Braga at 561-655-8544 x 2033.

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