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‘Minding’ your business: Tips to boost your brain health

The heart and the brain – they’re the two most important organs in your body. And, while there’s myriad information available how to maximize the health of the former, the latter often gets overlooked. And that’s a shame because, as we age, we definitely need to pay attention to maintaining our cognitive health. Here are a few ways to help ensure that your brain remains working at its peak in your golden years: Limit your sugar intake Sugar causes inflammation in ...Read More

stay hydrated

10 Benefits of Drinking the Proper Amount of Water

Stay hydrated – your health (and life) depends on it!

One of the most important keys to staying healthy also happens to be one of the easiest…drink a lot of water! Sounds simple enough, right? But you’d be shocked by how many men and women – of all ages – fail to consume sufficient amounts of H2O…and the consequences can be catastrophic!

How Much Water is Recommended?

Our bodies requir...Read More

video games for seniors

Video games can help keep seniors sharp

Once upon a time, video games were considered child’s play. They were those electronic gadgets that little kids played, while older generations reminded those within earshot that, “Back when I was their age, we didn’t have any of that stuff…we went outside and played!” Like it or not, video games were not just a phase. They have improved drastically over the years and are now more popular than ever. The gamer demographic has also changed tremendously. Video games are no longer aimed solely...Read More