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personal training for seniors

Why seniors can benefit from exercising with a personal trainer

No matter one’s age or current fitness level, seniors should never feel as though they’re “too old” to derive the benefits of following a sensible exercise program. Throughout our lifetimes – and especially in our golden years – we need to prioritize maintaining as much of our physical vitality as possible. That means cardiovascular training, strength training, and flexibility training. But if it’s been a long time (or ...Read More

video games for seniors

Video games can help keep seniors sharp

Once upon a time, video games were considered child’s play. They were those electronic gadgets that little kids played, while older generations reminded those within earshot that, “Back when I was their age, we didn’t have any of that stuff…we went outside and played!” Like it or not, video games were not just a phase. They have improved drastically over the years and are now more popular than ever. The gamer demographic has also changed tremendously. Video games are no longer aimed solely...Read More

senior sleep

Rest easy: How seniors can improve the quality of their sleep

It’s yet another cruel joke played by our aging bodies. You’ve finally retired, and you’re due some much-needed rest – and you find yourself unable to sleep! A 2003 poll by the National Sleep Foundation revealed that 44 percent of Americans over the age of 55 said they had one or more symptoms of insomnia at least a few nights a week. Why is insomnia – whether acute (lasting a few days to a few weeks) or chronic (lasting more than one month) - more prevalent among the elderly? Neurol...Read More

Seniors with Mesothelioma

How Exercise Can Help Seniors Cope with Mesothelioma

The typical image of a cancer patient is one that can’t handle an exercise routine. When we think of cancer, we associate it with total weakness. However, strict bedrest for people with cancer is outdated advice that oncologists no longer recommend. Research has proven that inactivity doesn’t help cancer patients and may contribute to fatigue and decreased quality of life. Read More

senior yoga

Yes, yoga is for everyone – especially active seniors

You see the supple, young bodies twisted into pretzel shapes, and you wonder, “How could I possibly do yoga?” Maybe the question should be: “Why should I do yoga?” Well, the list of benefits is longer than an unfurled yoga mat. Not every yoga class is designed for master-level contortionists. The beauty of this centuries-old practice is how adaptable it is – anyone really can do yoga anywhere. The best retirement comm...Read More