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Senior living communities: You’re only as old as you feel

You've always enjoyed the finer things in life - love, laughter and luxury. You've always been active - your days and nights filled with exercise, shopping, dining and entertainment. Your social calendar brought you tremendous joy in your "younger years." Sadly, as time passes and the years go by, many seniors feel they must give up the lives they enjoy and retreat into a more solitary and subdued lifestyle. Fortunately, Lourdes Noreen McKeen dismisses that notion! Located in the hea...Read More

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Finding senior housing for Mom and Dad

The decision about whether or not to you move your parents (or parent) out of their home and into an independent living or assisted living community is not an easy one - there are many factors to consider. It’s natural to be concerned about the perceived loss of freedom, loneliness, wellness, etc. of your loved one. You wouldn’t be treating your parents with the love and respe...Read More