Take these steps to ensure the health of your feet

Lourdes McKeen

Take these steps to ensure the health of your feet

As we age, we don’t need to be reminded to take care of such important aspects of our health as, say, eye care, heart care, hearing tests and cancer screenings, to name just a few.

But all too often, routine foot care can be overlooked – unless, and until, that is, they start giving us problems.

Maintaining healthy feet is incredibly important – especially as we age. After all, they are LITERALLY the foundations for everything you do.

One thing to keep in mind is that a lifetime of walking and standing can cause dramatic changes in your feet.

Their shape.

Their size.

How they function.

You see, the foot can actually lengthen and widen, causing the arches to flatten. This creates extra pressure on joints in the foot and ankle.

What’s more, the natural cushion and padding of the feet can begin to wear thin. When this happens, simply the act of standing can begin to cause pain.

If these issues are not resolved early, they can develop into ongoing chronic podiatric conditions – both topically and structurally.

Among the most common foot-related issues that seniors deal with are:

  • Bunions (small, painful, swollen joints on the big toe)
  • Corns/calluses(layers of hardened skin that develop on the foot as a result of friction)
  • Bone spurs(calcium deposits that build up on the bone and cause discomfort when walking or standing)
  • Fungal infections (these usually occur in toenails as a result of dampness/sweating)
  • Ingrown toenails(these happen when the toenail grows into the soft tissue of the toe; is usually the result of wearing ill-fitting shoes)

However, with a little planning and preventative care, many of potential problems caused by the inevitable changes in your feet can be mitigated.

Here are some quick, easy suggestions for keeping your feet in tip-top shape:

  1. Be sure that they’re fully dried after bathing.
  2. Wear only shoes that fit well, promote good circulation and are comfortable. (And, women – if that’s means cutting back on, or eliminating, high heels – then so be it!)
  3. Use moisturizer to prevent hardening of the skin.
  4. Wear socks that are breathable and don’t retain moisture. There are some great high-tech socks made of synthetic fibers that are great for this.
  5. Routinely cut and file toenails – and have this done professionally if you’re not able to do it yourself.

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