The Best Exercises for Arthritis Pain Relief

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Is Exercising with Arthritis Safe?

It’s common for seniors to use their arthritis pain as an excuse to keep from exercising. Those suffering from arthritis may fear that exercise will actually escalate their symptoms and pain, but there are plenty of exercises that are safe for arthritis pain relief! Exercising with arthritis actually provides a way to alleviate symptoms and improve your overall quality of life.

In fact, regular exercise may be one of the best ways to manage your arthritis pain. Research has shown that exercise can help decrease joint stiffness and pain, while improving your flexibility, mobility and even your mood! The more inactive you are as you age, the more health issues you can encounter, like poor balance and weak muscles that can lead to a debilitating fall.

Exercise for Arthritis Symptoms

The key to starting any new exercise program is to start off slowly with lower intensity exercises. However, always talk to your doctor and get approval to start exercising as well! Think about the types of daily activities that have become hindered by your arthritis pain. Once you start exercising regularly, you’ll not only experience less pain, but you’ll have more energy and will sleep more soundly, too!

Here are five great exercises that provide arthritis pain relief:

  • Walking: Walking is an aerobic exercise that can help reinforce bone density, as you are placing your full body weight on top of your bones and joints. A daily walk can help alleviate symptoms of arthritis and strengthen your heart, lungs and overall endurance. Start slowly, with ten minute walks and gradually build up the length of time or the distance you go.
  • Swimming/Aquatic Exercise: This aerobic form of exercise is one of the best ways for those with arthritis to get benefits for weight control, sleep and mood. The buoyancy of water will help keep weight off joints and muscles reducing pain while building strength, as well as improving heart, lung and muscle function.
  • Yoga/Tai Chi: Both yoga and tai chi are considered body awareness forms of exercise, and are low impact that can be done in a social setting. This type of exercise can help improve posture, balance, coordination and relaxation, as well as joint position sense (proprioception). It’s important to find an instructor who specializes in yoga for arthritis patients, however, so you don’t end up hyper-flexing your joints doing this exercise.
  • Strength/Resistance Training: Resistance training is a good exercise for knee arthritis, and has the ability to improve muscle strength, and alleviate arthritis pain. As muscles become stronger, they provide better joint support and help reduce stress throughout your painful joints.
  • Golfing: Yes, playing golf can actually provide arthritis pain relief! The Arthritis Foundation even says that golfing enhances the strength and mobility of both your upper and lower extremities. Not only that, but the sport also improves your balance, coordination and range of motion.  So don’t be afraid to get out there and hit the green!

At Lourdes-Noreen McKeen, we offer wellness programs for seniors to ensure our residents are enjoying the highest quality of life possible. Our staff of trained fitness professionals will help develop a workout routine that’s right for you, taking into consideration your current physical abilities. There are plenty safe ways to stay active as you age, and you’ll find that by adding exercise for arthritis into your daily routine you’ll feel healthier and be in less pain overall.

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