‘Minding’ your business: Tips to boost your brain health

brain health

The heart and the brain – they’re the two most important organs in your body. And, while there’s myriad information available how to maximize the health of the former, the latter often gets overlooked.

And that’s a shame because, as we age, we definitely need to pay attention to maintaining our cognitive health.

Here are a few ways to help ensure that your brain remains working at its peak in your golden years:

Limit your sugar intake

Sugar causes inflammation in the body – and that leads to a cascade of complications. Decreased circulation. Reduced organ function. And, some studies suggest, the potential for decreased cognitive function.

Increase your protein consumption

Protein helps power every muscle in your body and research suggests that if you get sufficient protein in your diet, you’ll protect your brain’s ability to perform.

Learn new tasks

Nothing stimulates brain cell function better than learning new things. And, now that you’re in your golden years, you’ve got sufficient time to learn those things you never had time to learn when you were working full-time.

Maybe try a musical instrument.

Or take a cooking class.

Have your grandchildren teach you how to play games on your computer or smartphone.

Basically, anything that keeps your brain occupied with new stimulation will help it stay healthy.

Exercise regularly

With each and every workout you do – whether it be strength-training in the gym, bicycling on a path, swimming laps in a pool or simply going for long walks on the beach – helps create to new synaptic connections. And when you make new synaptic connections, your brain is “working out” in its own way.

You know what they say about how having a healthy body leads to having a healthy mind, right?

Stay connected

We humans are social creatures – which is why we not only crave connections with others, but need them in order to survive. Myriad research has demonstrated that, bereft of social connection with friends and loved ones, people’s health and cognitive function will decline. Of course, with you living here at Lourdes Noreen-McKeen, you’re never wanting for companionship. Between the staff and your fellow residents, as well as the active social agenda we always have available for you, you can be assured that you’ll get all the social interaction that you could possibly want.


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