So, you’re aging! Don’t let your hair give you away.

So, you’re aging! Don’t let your hair give you away.

We all love our hair, especially when it’s full and shiny and rich with color. Unfortunately, as we age, turning gray is just one of the many changes our hair will go through. You can also expect changes in thickness, texture and growth – or lack of.

There are many products that make claims to counteract the effects of age on your hair. Haircare products can be expensive, so do your research before your bathroom vanity ends up with a bunch of creams and shampoos that aren’t right for your hair type. Here are a few tips – and some natural remedies – to help you navigate through this stage.

  • Start with a healthy diet that includes lean proteins and lots of water. Stay away from too much fat, and consider taking vitamin supplements including vitamins C, E, B7 and B3.
  • Get your hair cut or trimmed every six to eight weeks. Routine trims will keep your hair growing and make it appear thicker.
  • Avoid chemical treatments, hot steamy showers and strong mega-hold styling products. These all dry out your hair and make it brittle.

The following products have been recommended to treat or prevent aging hair:

  • Caviar RepairX Multi-Vitamin Heat Protection Spray: This spray from Alterna shields your hair from the damage that comes with high temperatures from a blow out or flat iron. It’s packed with vitamins A and C and has biotin that strengthens hair.
  • Pureology’s Nano Works Line: Your scalp is an extension of your skin and requires the same care as your face. These products – Age Restore Shampoo and Restoring Treatment contain ingredients like panthenol and coconut oil that boost strength and shine and smoothness.
  • Remington’s T-Studio Protect Straightener: Because we can’t completely forgo heat, switch your flatiron to one like this with vapor technology. Once a week, pour the macadamia seed oil treatment into the side compartment for a deep conditioning process.
  • Kerastase Densifique Hair Regrowth Treatment: To get thicker hair, minoxidil is the gold standard of growth solutions. This FDA-approved topical solution, combined with a biotin supplement, strengthens and revitalizes follicles, encouraging new growth.

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